FREE Virtual Animal Ethics Events: February 21st-27th

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Hello fellow animal scholars and advocates!

There are several exciting virtual events about animals coming up this week. Here’s what’s on our list:

February 22nd: Tom Regan: A reflection of his legacy to the movement four years after his death

February 22nd: Anthropocene Accountability Litigation: Confronting Common Enemies to Promote a Just Transition (with Randall Abate)

February 22nd: Zoological Racism: Animals, Blackness, and Consumption (with Aph Ko)

February 23rd: Animal Use in Mental Disorder’s Research: A Necessary Evil?
(with Constança Carvalho

February 24th: The Elephant in the Room: Happy and the Normative Structure of Legal Personhood (with Joshua Jowitt)

February 24th: Rights-Holding Persons (with Ankita Shanker)

February 24th: Jonathan Safran Foer Virtual Visit

February 24th: What is the Best Diet for the Economy (with Stefan Penczynski and Mike & Joe Hill)

February 24th: Desmond’s Law: Past, Present, Future

February 25th: Society for the Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations Talk (with Matti Wilks); email for the event link.

February 25th: Men, Masculinities, and Earth: Contending with the Anthropocene

February 25th: We Are All Somebody’s Child: Disability, Speciesism, and the Problem of Dehumanization (with Joel Michael Reynolds)

February 26th: Towards a Social Ontology of Food   

February 27th: Why Animals Matter in Literature and Culture

You can view the full calendar of events here.

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The Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals

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