Virtual Animal Ethics Events: March 7th-13th

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Hello fellow animal scholars and advocates!

There are several exciting virtual events about animals coming up this week. Here’s what’s on our list:

Monday, March 8th: Peer-Reviewing in Sociology in collaboration with the International Association Of Vegan Sociology (with Corey Wrenn)

Monday, March 8th: Live Question & Answer Session with Dr. Marc Bekoff

Wednesday, March 10th: The Someone Project: Who are sheep? (with Lauri Torgerson-White, Lori Marino, Camille Raoult, and Daniel Singleton)

Wednesday, March 10th: Factory Farming – portal to pandemic? (with Peter Stevenson)

Wednesday, March 10th: Animals, Pandemics, and Climate Change (with Jeff Sebo)

Thursday, March 11th: Psychology and Law in the Assessment and Treatment of Animal Maltreatment (with Brittany Hill, Kathleen Wood, & Lavita Nadkarni)

Friday, March 12th: Food, Ignorance, and Epistemic Injustice (with Alex Plakias)

Friday, March 12th: Animal Studies Speaker Series 2021: Is the Moose Still My Brother if We Don’t Eat Him? (with Margaret Robinson)

You can view the full calendar of events here.

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The Society for the Study of Ethics and Animals

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